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All traders begin their journey with the need for education. As their knowledge of trading and the markets grow they develop a personal trading style that directly reflects their personality and risk tolerance. The most successful traders never stop learning, honing their skills and adjusting their strategies for the ever changing market.


Statistically, though, 90% of traders fail. So, where does one go to acquire the knowledge they need to succeed as a trader? There's a myriad of information available from YouTube, Investopedia or the countless sites that can be found by doing a simple Google search. But, how do you determine which of these sources is credible and which ones should be avoided?


Stock Traders Journey helps new and developing traders bridge the knowledge gap by providing unbiased reviews of all things related to trading from online brokers to educators and training firms to chat rooms, trading tools, technology and more. Our mission is to help traders avoid the common pitfalls all new traders encounter as they evolve and strive to become consistently profitable as well as provide resources to help them adapt to the constant changes in the market.

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