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Real Life Trading - The Real Deal

What's better than free? How about free with no strings attached? That's exactly what you'll get from Real Life Trading, a unique trading and education firm. What makes Real Life Trading unique? Well, read on.

First, there's Jerremy Alexander Newsome - the company's bigger than life CEO. Jerremy is big in every way: he stands 6'-4" tall, has a big personality and an even bigger heart. His enthusiasm and passion for trading, and life in general, is nothing short of contagious.

No doubt, Jerremy's persona is what drives the company's mission, which is to enrich lives. Real Life Trading provides its members with a "Real Life" perspective on everything day trading, retirement planning, investing, budgeting, reducing debt, improving health, and more.

What constitutes "more"? How about monthly challenges that encourage members to stretch their comfort zones, improve their lives or do for others. For instance, May 2017 was Health and Wellness month which challenged the Real Life Traders to be more active, lose weight, look better and feel better. What does this have to do with trading you might wonder? The Real Life Trading philosophy is that if you improve yourself as a person, it will be reflected in your trading success.

Although the majority of education and content offered by RLT is free, they do have paid premium memberships that consist of live morning and afternoon trading rooms, their proprietary Weekly Options Newsletter and the opportunity to professionally trade through a hedge fund. One-on-one coaching is also available for a fee. I, personally, subscribe to the RLT trading rooms and options newsletter, and have also benefited from one-on-one coaching with Jerremy.

Real Life Trading isn't just a one man show, however. Jerremy does what all great leaders do - he surrounds himself with great people. The RLT supporting cast is comprised of several remarkable individuals who truly are the backbone of the company.

One such person is Brad Reed who regularly moderates the RLT morning Trading Floor. Brad is the epitome of a real life trader. He's a stay-at-home dad who manages to juggle his daily responsibilities as, both, RLT's Vice President of Financial Fundamentals and a father of two.

As the trading room moderator, Brad is patient, helpful and makes it a priority to answer all the members' question regardless of their complexity or simplicity. In addition, Brad regularly offers up his personal cell phone number and encourages members to reach out to him for any reason. And, no, it's not a fake number like you might get when trying to pick up somebody at a bar. It's his real number and he answers his phone. Brad is also quick to respond to text messages.

Regarding the morning Trading Floor, it's unlike any other I've experienced. Too many trading rooms are nothing more than paying to watch the moderator trade and trying to keep up as he or she calls out when they're buying or selling. This kind of puppet trading does little to help the new or developing trader learn proper setups, develop their own personal style and attain trading autonomy.

Real Life Trading takes a team approach to its trading room and encourages members to suggest trade setups to the group via the chat pane. At the same time, the moderator actively scans the market for trades and analyzes alerts posted by members. When a viable setup is found, the moderator verbally calls out the entry, stop and target, types this information into the chat pane and then posts it in Slack before he or she takes the trade themself. All the while, the moderator is explaining why they are taking the trade and what makes it a good setup. This often results in the moderator missing out on the trade while the members profit.

The morning Trading Floor opens at 9am and the first 30 minutes are spent reviewing gaps identified by the moderator prior to the the room opening (gap trading is RLT's specialty). The moderator analyzes the gaps in detail, explains what makes one better than another and develops a watchlist of tickers he or she believes will present the best opportunities. This list is updated and repopulated throughout the day. In essence, the first 30 minutes of the floor is a mini training session geared toward educating the members on how to effectively trade the markets.

The educational aspect of the RLT morning Trading Floor is enhanced the first Monday of every month when Jerremy hosts "Mentorship Monday." On this day, Jerremy slows things down and focuses more time reviewing and teaching traders the basics of the Trading Floor and day trading. In addition, hours of Mentorship Monday content are recorded and emailed to all members.

This attention to detail and the value added benefits extend to all of Real Life Trading's offerings. Whether you take advantage of the vast free content produced by RLT or pay for their premium services, you will improve your trading knowledge and become a better trader.

The Bottom Line: If you want a quality trading education at a bargain price, go for free. Go for Real Life Trading.

Real Life Trading


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